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Custom Shoots

Minimum Package Purchase $50 plus $0.65/mile travel

Standard Package - 1 subject:
2 poses in Hi Res Digital files or 2 images in 8x10 or 5x7 or any print combination.

Expanded Package - 1 subject:
4 poses in Hi Res Digital files or 4 prints in 8x10 or 5x7 or any print combination.

Group Package - up to 3 subjects:
For multiple dog/subject shoots on the same location, a group package is available. 4 finished poses per subject to choose from.

The group package includes 4 final choice Hi Res Digital files or 4 8x10's, 5 5x7's, and 10 4x6's.

A La Carte after package pricing:

Additional Hi Res image file from original shoot - $20
Additional Prints - $20 for each 8x10 and $15 for each 5x7
Additional Hi Resolution File for previously printed and purchased images - $5

For my canine clients, we may be able to meet at shows I am already scheduled to be at...the dogs are groomed and you save travel charges.

Some photo alteration is included (leash removal, basic touch ups) but additional alteration work starts at $20 for each 30 minutes.
To schedule a show shoot or an alternate location shoot, please email me via the 'Contact' page.

Unsolicited Candid Images:
These are images taken in or outside the ring and are based on opportunity and at the photographer's discretion. Specific requests for shots will be considered a commissioned portrait and the package pricing applies.

Most Images - $15.00 for Hi Res Digital file or $20 for 1 8x10 (plus postage)
Special Events (National Shows) - $35 for Hi Res Digital
CD - Add $10 for CD and postage costs

Weddings and parties can vary in cost depending on the length of the event, location, and the number of images.
A small wedding with a maximum 3 hours on site and all images on CD is $800. One photographer.
A larger event with a maximum 5 hours on site and all images on CD is $1500. One or two photographers.
Products such as wedding albums, canvas prints, and other finished items are on an a la carte basis and can be discussed during the initial consultation.Contact me for additional quoting and details.

Official Dog Show Photos


$40 for 2 8x10's including postage per show win
$32 per show win for digital files

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