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GCh Zandria's Burn 'N It Down,HIC ROM

DATE OF BIRTH April 1, 2018
BREEDERS: Alexzandra Erb (Zandria Collies), Melissa Gallip (Gallissa Collies), Candace Hunter (Tercan Collies)

tn_Mom with babies.jpg

'Creed x Ember Litter'


In The Show  and Performance Rings

Ch. Tercan 'N Zandria's Playing With Fire, TKN CGC


Ch. Zandria The Fire Inside, TKN


Ch. Zandria's Blazing Isla, CGCU CGCA TKN

Zandria's Trial By Fire, CGCU

Ch. Zandria 'N Galissa's Standing Outside The Fire





Pics as they grow...

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