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Waiting At The Rainbow Bridge


Ch.Bravo Tercan New Attitude,CGC HIC CD RN 

HIPS: Excellent OFA #CO-2440E26M-P1
MDR1: Mutant/Mutant (Washington State University)
ELBOWS: OFA Elbow Dysplasia & Degenerative Joint Disease
DMS (Dermatomyositis) Risk Assessment - Clemson University: Aa bb - Associated Risk 6%


DATE OF BIRTH: Oct. 11, 2002
DECEASED: March 8, 2016
BREEDERS: Michelle & Lafe Altier, Anthony Williams
OWNER: Candace Hunter & Michelle Altier

I can't deny that Ian was one of those "Special" dogs. From the time he started obedience at nine weeks, then picked up two majors from the 6-9 puppy class, Ian proved that a kind word  and a cookie will get you anywhere. Ian was the sire of 2 Champions, a major pointed Best In Specialty winning daughter, and a performance titled son who is also minored out.
Ian continued to be a teacher for me as a breeder. When he was neutered at 10 yrs, I went ahead and had his elbows done as I was seeing some lameness that I did not expect. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Elbow Dysplasia. Ian's legacy will be many things but among them is the reminder that just because you can't 'see' something or haven't 'heard' of something being an issue, it doesn't mean it should be ignored. Testing is the only way to see beneath the surface and to understand fully what the genetic consequences may be.
Ian passed from an oral tumor at over 13 years of age. He will be missed every day.

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