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GChB.Tercan 'N Zandria's
Spin The Bottle CGC TKN
(NE Carrier)

DATE OF BIRTH January 16, 2021
BREEDERS: Alexzandra Erb (Zandria), Candace Hunter (Tercan),

OWNERS: Candace Hunter & Alexzandra Erb

& Dean Justice & Jeanne Justice

We are very pleased to have Park continue our family of NE dogs.

Park had a great time his first weekend in the ring in the 4 to 6 month puppy class taking a Group 1 and Group 2. His first weekend in the 6-9 class he picks up a 3 point major. He goes on to finish from the 9-12 puppy class with a 5 point and 4 major finishing at the Collie Club of Washington.

Park earned his Bronze one year after he completed his Championship picking up a Herding group placement along the way.

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EYE CHECK: CEA Normal Carrier Genetic Tested and Exam Tested
DM: Non Carrier/Clear By Parentage
PRA RCD2: Clear Non Carrier
OFA CARDIAC: Puppy Exam Normal


DMS: Aabb