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Preservation Breeder of Rough and Smooth Collies
AKC Registered
Show - Companion - Performance
Breeding to the Standard - Breeding for Type & Health
Celebrating Over 30 Years With This Beautiful Breed!

Collie Club of America Quarter Century Member
Overlake Collie Club - Collie Club of Washington
Collie Health Foundation
AKC Breeder Of Merit
Breeder and/or Owner of 39 AKC Conformation Champions


Proud to be recognized as the 2015 Collie Club of America Smooth Collie Breeder Of The Year 

Double proud to win again in 2018 sharing the honors with Alexzandra Erb of Zandria Collies

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This website is dedicated to the Rough and Smooth Collies in my life, both past and present.  Information is available on the individual dogs, as well as Collies in general.

My goal is to produce a Collie that is fit as a companion, performance or show dog while being healthy and sound.

Always keep in mind why we are improve the breed and enjoy the journey with our dogs.
All the ribbons, all the wins, all the glitz and all the glory are only as good as people and dogs that win.

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