Tercan Collies


If you are looking for a Collie sooner, I would recommend contacting the Collie Club of America District Director in your area for referrals to other member breeders.  The director list can be found here.


Also consider rescue. For more information on rescue organizations in your area, click here.


Showing, training and raising dogs are a lot of work when done correctly. Based on a desire to have a low number of dogs and to give each of them a good quality of life, I do not breed often and only with the intent of contributing to the advancement of the breed in type and health. When I do have puppies or adults available, I work to find the best matches possible. I will ask a lot of questions, ask for pictures of your home, and often make home visits prior to placement.


An ‘Available’ dog does not mean the dog goes to the first person willing to pay. I may talk to several potential homes before making a final decision focusing on the best match for the dog and people involved.


If you are uncomfortable with the breeder of your dog having an interest in the dog’s health and well being over the dog’s lifetime, then please understand that I am not comfortable placing a dog with you.


The same tests and healthcare procedures apply to all puppies regardless of whether the puppy stays here at Tercan Collies or is placed in a companion or show/performance home.


Tercan Companion Collies – Puppies or adults that are available as companions receive the same care and attention as those destined for the show and performance rings.  This means they are familiar with grooming, traveling, and other dogs and people (varies by age of the Collie).


Tercan Show/Performance Collies - Puppies or adults that are available for show and/or performance homes are also raised as companion animals.  They are not kennel raised and will expect to be a part of your family.  Conformation show prospects are placed based on whether they deserve to finish and stand as a quality example of the breed. Typically more puppies are available to companion homes than to show homes as not every puppy born will have the qualities I deem necessary for the show ring. Not all Champions are created equal and while not every Collie may have the opportunity to shine in the ring, I want to produce a Collie that truly deserves the title.


Contact me if you are looking for a Collie...what are you looking for?  What personality do you like in your dogs?  What is your lifestyle like?  Let's Talk


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Fingers crossed! Co-breedings with Zandria Collies are in the works. If all goes as planned, puppies are hopefully due early April 2018 at Zandria Collies.


Kara Christo Nightstar All In has been bred to GCh. Zandria's Burn 'N It Down

Smooths and Roughs, all colors, some Normal Eyed


GCh Aurealis Zandria's Winning Colors has been bred to Bronze GCh Encore 'N Zandria's Parlor Trick At Tercan 

Smooths and Roughs, blues and tricolors